Friday, March 13, 2009

I am dumbfounded right now.

I believe I have kept my language fairly clean in this so far, but I am absolutely livid right now, so that is out the window. Please pardon my expletives, thank you.
I was supposed to have the "scratch tests" done today at the allergists' office.
My boyfriend and I got there at 8:45am for my 9am appointment. Got called in around 9:33am.

The arrogant, condescending prick didn't do any testing because I didn't have any records with me. (He didn't tell me he needed records to do testing)
I asked what the results of the blood work (taken a week ago) and he said it wasn't ready and I said it was taken a week ago what were the results please and the secretary came in and handed him something and he said it takes 2 weeks for blood to come back and I know what they took and aside from one test I've never had (venom test of some sort) everything else was the same shit they always run so it'd be back in 48 hours or so.... oh yeah and PCP had it yesterday, so I that's another way I know he was lying out of his ass.

We kept saying he can do the test and I could bring the records next week, I hadn't been able to do anything because I'd had so much going on and he hadn't told me he needed them for the test and just do the test please because you made me stop taking my allergy meds a week ago and I'm itchy all over and suffering a lot.
He treated me like complete shit and told me to reschedule after I brought my records in.

So we left, we were out the door at 9:40am and I was spouting some cusswords on my way out of the waiting room, (I believe my exact words were "stupid cocksucking motherfucking piece of shit motherfucker" I was very angry and in pain, itchy and scared) legs shaking, barely able to walk and I said to my boyfriend "sorry honey, but we're going to PCP's office RIGHT THE FUCK NOW okay?" and he said "Okay" and when we got there the secretary/nurse knew something was wrong because I was panicked, crying and shaking and she got the story and she made copies of everything from May through yesterday except the inpatient records from January which she said I could pick up on Monday.

Now, we walked back into the allergist's office at 10:18am with those records, but he was somehow on a conference call and leaving for DC in 10 minutes so I have to go back NEXT Friday at 8:30am for the testing, without being on Zyrtec, which I just took because the secretary said I could take it for the weekend and then stop again and that after that if it got really bad I could take regular Sudafed but not allergy Sudafed. Oh, and also that thing she had handed the doctor- it was my complete blood results.

Happy Friday the 13th, huh? I hope this Zyrtec works soon. I need to lay down.

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