Thursday, March 13, 2014

I will don't apologize for thinking outside of the box.

A certain specialist for a certain thing may have gone ahead and canceled all of my appointments in any way related to this certain thing without my knowledge or consent, the act of which may have rendered 5 months of very hard work and thensome, basically moot.

I may have decided to continue with a certain part of the "training" for this thing yesterday and there may have been a class involved.

Let's say, for sciences' sake, that the class was on "exercise and dehydration" and that there were handouts passed out with information on them. Let's then say that the person "teaching" asked questions, the answers too which were all right there in black and white.  Let's also say that instead of reading the answers in order, exactly as they were on the papers, as answers, when asked for "examples of exercise" I volunteered answers that were nowhere to be seen on the papers, such as "housework" and "caring for/playing with/picking up/chasing after children and/or pets" and I was LAUGHED AT. Yes. Laughed at. Not by the class. By the "teacher". I don't even think that these notions are that far OUT of the box. Have you ever MET a child or a pet? Ever seen one on television? Yeah. I rest my case.

My hands are killing me and I took no medicine today, so I need to go change that. More when I can. I start PT for hand tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Still trying to heal....

Left hand still has stitches in it. Still very swollen too- particularly the index finger- it feels full of fluid, and the middle finger feels lumpy, for lack of another word.

The incision sites are still very tender and I can not really have them uncovered for all that long. I can not bend or extend fully, or put much pressure. I wish I knew why it is taking so darn long. It has been very nearly a month since the surgery!

I start physical therapy for it on Friday- my intake, anyway.

So much more going on, but my head is spinning and my hands really hurt. It is hard to type, so I need to rest for now.