Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sick of it all.

I am so sick of hospitals.
I had to go to the ER about my eye on Monday because I lost most of the vision in my left eye all of a sudden.
I went to see the retina specialist on Friday and wound up having laser surgery on the aforementioned eye. I also had an allergic reaction to the fluroscein contrast, which I am still dealing with.
I started having chest pains on Saturday evening, and went to the ER after much hesitation.
I was told that my liver function is low and my creatinine level is up.
The rest of the bloodwork looks good, apparently.
They did an EKG, BP, and CO2 and gave me Toradol in my vein and that was it.
Prescribed a topical for my neck (for the reaction to the contrast) and sent me home... 6 hours before the public transit started running.. and this hospital would be a 3+ hour commute on public transit. The cab driver drove 80MPH. Not helpful.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No strength...

I don't really have the strength to do a full update right now.
I got some weird infection on my right middle finger and it came out of nowhere and it hurts like hell. Not a clue where it came from.
I am on oral antibiotics and antivirals for it, and had been in IV antibiotics several times a day and then I got a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen and left ear, simultaneously... odd combo...
I was sent to the ER and after a VERY long time, an abdominal CT and a chest x-ray, (and an exploding vein) I was told that aside from still having blood in my urine, I am fine and need to g o home.. even though it was 4 hours before public transit started running.

Now I am home and exhausted and going to try to get some sleep.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Catching up a bit

I went to meet with a nutritionist on Thursday. He had me in for a pretty big test (full body bone density test) immediately, but then told me that it "never happened" because my insurance won't cover it. He said that he can tell my body fat percentage by my bone density, but it came back as 51%. Now, I don't know what the "normal" percentage is, but I am thinking that in my case, this test is not all that accurate. I am NOT saying that I am not fat, what I am saying is that this is not ALL fat. 100lbs in about 3 days, remember. 100lbs of fluid. Anyway, I don't really know what to think right now, but I am trying to keep an open mind becuase he seems like he wants to know what is going on and help me. He was not given any medical history on me, so I stopped him and filled him in a bit before anything else. I have an appointment with him in a month, and he asked "How much do you think you can lose in a month?" and I said "I really don't know, I could lose 20 in a week and gain 30 in an hour- there is no rhyme or reason to any of this." We shall see, I guess. (I think my weigh-in at that appointment was 244lbs.)

Later that day, I got a call DIRECTLY from my endocrinologist regarding some blood work that "should have been flagged a couple of weeks ago" and got some good advice for the follow-up with my PCP. What she said was that my white count is high. It has been consistently high for a while. She understands why some doctors would blow this off as being nothing to worry, but given the circumstances, she feels it needs to be investigated. She also said that I should not discuss my diabetes with my PCP at my appointment, because I need to focus on why I was hospitalized and such. She said to bring up the white count, and that we'd deal with moving forward with diabetes things the next time I see her (which is relatively soon).

Also later that day, I was at a rehearsal and I was overcome with extreme sharp pain again. I could not hold back the tears. It was brutal. I hadn't been taking my pain medicine (I tend to try to not take anything extra on top of the huge cocktail of stuff I am required to take..) and I didn't have any with me. Luckily, one of my friends gave me a ride home. I took pain medicine and slept for a short while before it was time to get going to see the PCP.

The PCP took blood for a potassium level check, since it had been low at the hospital. She also wants me to see a hematologist. I have to check with her and see if that will be set up through her office or if she has someone that she wants me to call.