Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home again

I spent an entire week in the hospital.
It was not fun. I lost 12 pounds, all told (of fluid, I am sure) and hope I can keep some of it off and continue to lose, but we shall see.
I should NOT have been discharged, and in fact, they discharged me when I was not fully breathing un-assisted. My O2 is still not 100%.
They got sick of me asking for someone to look at my eyes, and discharged me so that I could see my retina doc yesterday, which I did.
He said that he wants to wait a bit and see if any of this resolves on its own, but we have exhausted the lasers and they won't benefit me any more. The next step would be a vitrectomy on my left eye. I hope we don't have to do that.
A visiting nurse came yesterday, O2 wasn't great.
A physical therapy person came today and we did nothing physical at all... she'll be back next week, I guess. Another nurse is coming tomorrow.
Right now, I have no energy whatsoever, so I am going to try to rest more so I can heal.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pneumonia:or, How to reverse full body edema in 3 miserable steps..

So I am still in the hospital. I lost about 10lbs.
I am back on clear liquids, by choice, because the few bites I had yesterday didn't agree with me. I was up all night vomiting bile and blowing blood out of my nose.
My oxygen level still isn't great. I can't breathe on my own yet. (Not intubated, just need to oxygen fed directly into my nose.)
Updating via phone is hard, so I will leave it at this for now.
It looks like I will be here for a while.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is just lovely...

I don't remember when my last update was, or what it was about.
I had a coughing fit on Saturday night, lost vision. Went to eye hospital. They said I have more bleeding, and I have an appointment with my retina doc on Wednesday.
On Sunday night, I developed a fever. Went to the ER on Monday and was diagnosed with bronchitis, given a z-pack prescription, and sent home.
I'd been taking the antibiotics and Tylenol and fever was/lt going away.
I spoke to my PCP early on Wednesday morning and we discussed giving it a little time. A few hours later, though, the fever spiked to 102.5 and I was dizzy as anything. I came back to the ER, and was admitted when they couldn't get my oxygen level above 87.
I have a bad pneumonia, and they are running tests to rule out TB.
I am a nervous wreck.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My eyes...

They still have spots in them.
I really don't know what to do at this point about calling the retina doc or something.
It is driving me batty, as are the headaches.

I also think I did some actual damage to both of my knees during the production I was just in, but I am scared to get those checked out. I figure on that front, I will at least give it a few days healing time and see if they actually get better. If not, the "snaps" that I heard while moving around should probably be investigated.

I am pretty sure that my speep apnea is getting worse. I haven't really used the CPAP machine recently. It is so awkward. I will probably replace the filters and try it again in the relatively near future.

I am still a human water balloon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wait.... WHAT!?

So those dietitian/nutritionist appointments I had this week?
First, the dietitian was trying to help me with carb counting, which was all well and good until she started using McDonald's items as examples.
Anyone who knows me knows I don't tend to eat that crap.
Then, I went to the nutritionist, and (this is the 2nd time I have met him) he came in and said "your diabetes is in terrible control" to which I responded "Excuse me? Look at my numbers. I have a ways to go, but my A1c is down to 9 from FOURTEEN, so don't you DARE say that to me." He looked at my chart and realized that I was correct.
He then upped the does of my thyroid medication and sent in a referral for Gastric Bypass Surgery.


2 years I have been trying to figure out how and why I gained 100lbs in 3 days and NOBODY can tell me any damn thing... but NOBODY has brought up GBS.

I am going in for an information session (which apparently is "mandatory" if I do wind up wanting it...) in about a month. I will hear them out. I am indeed curious to see WHY they think that a surgery to remove FAT from my body will be of any use when its the FLUID that is the problem. Really.

I am going in with a positive attitude and an open mind.. but I will also be going in chock full of questions and hopefully with a friend or few to help me get them answered.

Meanwhile, the anxiety issues still trouble me, and I am again wide awake at 3am.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moving right along...

Still having eye issues. Doing the best I can to make it through the production I am in at the moment, and thankful for some amazing people helping to make it alright.

My rape crisis counselor is trying to help me to find some longer-term counseling, but at this point, I am on waiting lists. We shall see.

I had an appointment with the diabetes nurse, and she informed me that I have lost 15lbs since I last saw her in January. I still have a long way to go and a lot of issues to deal with, but at least its something.

I meet with a dietitian and a nutritionist on Monday and have no idea what to expect. I meet with a hematologist next week, and I am very nervous.

I am so drained, and in so much pain. I just want it to stop.