Friday, November 29, 2013

Witty title, or somesuch...

I don't even know... I always feel like I have so much to write and so little time, or so much time to write, but so  little energy to do so.  Such is the case with many of the tasks that I always have every intention of actually tackling....

Right now, it is after 3:30am and I am just starting to type. Why? I have no idea. I will probably be drowsy again in about 30 seconds, but i have to try. I really have not updated and I am really not even sure what the heck I should start and/or end with.

I am still swollen.  Yes. All these years later. I have lost a fair amount of the edema and am working on losing more of it, as well as losing fat, but it is still there, and nobody ever did find out what caused me to gain 100lbs in 3 days... they probably never will, since they stopped trying without ever starting, it seems. Who knows?

So let's see....
Basic run-down/catch-up/update on the diagnosis and meds, I guess?

I have:
Type 1 Diabetes, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, PTSD, asthma, sleep apnea, unexplained edema, kidney disease, gastroparesis, IBS, GERD, vitamin D deficiency, anemia, migraines, my right sesamoid is shattered, I have carpal tunnel/trigger fingers/trigger thumbs in both hands, I have stones in my salivary glands/ducts and scarring on my vocal cords. I will be having surgery on the left side salivary duct in a couple of weeks and I am petrified. I have been having debilitating headaches for a few months and I have no idea why. So bad that they have made me fall down on more than one occasion. I was treated for a sinus infection, and while I have a little less pressure, I am still having nearly constant, very bad, headaches, and it is quite frightening.

I am on Novolog through the insulin pump now (the One Touch Ping) I have been on it for about a year and a half now and my A1c is 7.1, which is absolutely amazing! I have  Insulin pens for backup in case of pump malfunction/failure.
Other meds: levoxyl, diovan, zyrtec, ranitadine, omeprazole, vitamin D, ferrous sulfate, phentermine, topamax, bumex, junelle fe, albuterol.... I think that is all, but I may be forgetting something.

I have been getting a fair amount of exercise over the past several months, mainly from doing a LOT of walking. I mean a LOT. Oddly, though, I GAINED some weight, which is both frustrating and frightening.... not really sure what to make of it.

I have also had a couple of completely NOT ROUTINE hospital stints in very recent history, and those ones REALLY threw me for a loop. I don't know if I was slipped something or what, but it wound up with me being unconscious for MANY hours, and having NO recollection of how I got to the hospital or out of all of my clothing and into a johnny and apparently SOMETHING else must have happened because I wound up with a GIANT bruise under my arm which, as it fades, is now revealing a giant CUT.... the plot thickens....  but I don't know. A few days later I was in the hospital with food poisoning, which included a lot of blood from my nose, and massive belly pain. I had a really great person with me through all of this, and now that person is scared of me, and that kills me.

I honestly don't even know how to function right now.


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