Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As best I can...

I am fairly blind right now, so I apologize for the many typos that wull likely appear here. I had the vitrectomy on the 8th of September and am still recovering. I can not see text very well, though i can see other thoings a biot more clearly than I could on day one.
When I went in for my 24 hour follow-up, the docs had to put anestetic on my eye just to be able to open it because it hurt so nad. I'm not going to lie, I screamed. It was dreadful.
Now, it is itchy and painful, but a little clearer, and I am keeping up with my drops and not taking percocet as frequently as I originally needed to.
I had an endovrine appt o the 10th and teh doc saod she wanted to up my thyroid med because she though I need that, and also that I probably have gastroparesis (?) and she prescribed a med for that.
We shall see, I guess....
Well, this is taking a lot out of me, so I can't really type any mmore right now.
Just wanted to update briefly.

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