Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here we go again...

On Monday night, I wound up going to the ER.
I was out of Lasix and didn't know it, but I was swollen like crazy BEFORE it was time to take the medicine. I swelled up about 10lbs over night.
The skin on my feet, calves and whatnot up to my knees.
My thighs won't even go together properly, and I can FEEL the water with my hands.
It is so painful.
A small rash type thing developed in my right ear and on the back of my neck when the swelling happened.
I was put next to a doctor who was doing dictations and I had a panic attack/PTSD episode because he was dictating some very graphic abuse.
They gave me an Ativan and IV Lasix and pretty much kicked me out the door.
The discharge sheet says that I swelled up because of my missed dose, even though I told them MANY times that I was swollen BEFORE missing my dose.
I am STILL swollen, even though I have had my Lasix as I normally do now.

I have an appointment with a sleep neurologist tomorrow, to follow-up about the CPAP machine, and an appointment with the diabetes nurse on Friday.
I also have a fibro-study visit on Tuesday and an appointment with my PCP on Wednesday. Here's hoping that I get some relief!

I am so swollen. My knees won't bend very much and it hurts so much.
I need a diagnostician. Immediately. I need to know what is going on.

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