Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I guess I should do a basic round-up.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I fell down some stairs this weekend.
Went to the hospital via ambulance when ibuprofen didn't help.
As I expected, nothing was broken, but I sprained my wrist and knee. I was given immobilizers for both as well as a cane.
Kind of hard to get around with them, and not entirely sure that they are helping. I am in pain, but trying to push through. I have not filled the prescriptions for pain medicine yet. I hate taking extra pills... but damn, this all hurts.
What I could really use is a decent massage. Heck, I could use any massage at this point.

So I have been on the new diuretic since Saturday. It is called Torsemide. No longer on the Lasix.
So the current med list is as follows:

Lantus ~ 50 units in the morning
Humalog~ 12-18 units with meals
Diovan~ 80mg
Levoxyl~ 100mcg (can't remember if I mentioned that my endocrinologist upped that last month or so...)
Zyrtec~ 10mg
Torsemide~ 20mg
Vitamin D~ 2/400 unit tabs

Study medication, which may or may not be a low-dose of Cymbalta (I am off of the Topamax temporarily for the study... and also that gastroparesis med)

No prescription:
Vitamin B Complex+C~ 100mg
Cinnamon~ 500mg

I really don't know if the CPAP machine is working. I ordered a new mask over a week ago now and it still isn't here, so I am using the one that bothers me quite a bit, and nobody has bothered to return my calls about that.

I have had the flu shot and the H1N1 shot. I was given Azithromicin last week when I was feeling like crazp, and after they had been telling me for 3 weeks to take Sudafed, which I did, and it didn't help.

I swelled up last week to the point where my legs where tight, shiny, and immobile. (along with the rest of me...)

I am so sick of going to doctor after doctor, after doctor and getting NOWHERE. No answers. Okay, if you don't know, how about you keep looking til you DO know? What do these people get paid for? "Oh, your electrolytes look normal and all" Okay, so what else could it be?
If my kidney function is good, then its not, then it is.. how about we investigate further?

Are we forgetting a few months ago when the allergist refused to do the tests? Outright refused? What if this is all a huge allergic reaction? But to what? I don't only swell up in the house. I have been swollen for 18 months now. It makes me sick to look at myself.

I am a good person, but people don't look at that. They look at the fact that no matter how damn actuve I am (and I am NOT a sit-around, lazy person. I am a here, theer , and everywhere person) the swelling holds me back and makes me look like a giant fat blob. I am carrying 100lbs of fluid around in me, and I can feel it, and it makes it hard to move, and it makes everything hurt all the time.

I am scared out of my mind, and I just want to be back to size 14-going-on-12-and-losing again.
I miss being somewhat decent looking. I miss being happy. I miss being able to kneel and bend and stretch and touch my toes and all that stuff that normal-ish people can do.

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