Thursday, January 7, 2010

I guess I should updte.

I had my surgery on my left eye on 12.30.09.
The doc used a different type of laser than the other ones had been, explaining that it was going to give the ability to get more pin-pointed areas.
It was way more intense, it hurt like hell, but I got through it.
I wound up having unexpected oral surgery a week later (1.5.10) because I woke up choking on a filling and a piece of my tooth, I would assume. It couldn't be saved, so I lost a molar. It took a very long time to stop bleeding, and it still hurts a bit. I go back on Tuesday to have the stitches removed and hand over my partials so that they can add the now-missing tooth to it. :(

I had an appointment with the diabetes nurse today. She said that although we aren't exactly where we want to be, that I am going a great job at keeping track of stuff, doing the right thing, and whatnot. She said that 50% of my bloodsugars are where we want them to be, which is MUCH better than they used to be.

Today, a urinalysis was submitted, and blood drawn to text electrolytes, lipids, magnesium, A1C, thyroid and basic blood count.

I hear that my echo-cardiogram shows that whatever is causing this edema is NOT heart failure. A small comfort, that. Still don't know what it IS. I mean, we know I have kidney disease, but I was told that it COULDN'T cause the level of edema I have. I can't catch a break.

Today, at my nurse appointment, my left eye started acting a little funky. By the time I was done with the lab tests, it was really taking a toll on my line of vision. I went to the ER at the hospital my retina doc is at, and saw the fellow. I was informed that there was no new bleeding (good) and that this was scar tissue from the surgeries and it just moved (not great) and I'd just kind of have to learn to "deal with it" or something. Well, doing the best I can- it isn't easy, but I am trying to stay positive at least a little bit.

I am so worn out. So tired. I need answers, not more walls to climb.

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