Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sick of it all.

I am so sick of hospitals.
I had to go to the ER about my eye on Monday because I lost most of the vision in my left eye all of a sudden.
I went to see the retina specialist on Friday and wound up having laser surgery on the aforementioned eye. I also had an allergic reaction to the fluroscein contrast, which I am still dealing with.
I started having chest pains on Saturday evening, and went to the ER after much hesitation.
I was told that my liver function is low and my creatinine level is up.
The rest of the bloodwork looks good, apparently.
They did an EKG, BP, and CO2 and gave me Toradol in my vein and that was it.
Prescribed a topical for my neck (for the reaction to the contrast) and sent me home... 6 hours before the public transit started running.. and this hospital would be a 3+ hour commute on public transit. The cab driver drove 80MPH. Not helpful.

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