Saturday, April 17, 2010

No strength...

I don't really have the strength to do a full update right now.
I got some weird infection on my right middle finger and it came out of nowhere and it hurts like hell. Not a clue where it came from.
I am on oral antibiotics and antivirals for it, and had been in IV antibiotics several times a day and then I got a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen and left ear, simultaneously... odd combo...
I was sent to the ER and after a VERY long time, an abdominal CT and a chest x-ray, (and an exploding vein) I was told that aside from still having blood in my urine, I am fine and need to g o home.. even though it was 4 hours before public transit started running.

Now I am home and exhausted and going to try to get some sleep.

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