Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still moving along..

I have not been sleeping much. This isn't really "news", but at the same time it is getting worse, so I am a bit concerned. I am in a lot of pain.
Yesterday I took m y last dose of the steroid drop I was being tapered off of for my eye, and I still have not heard from the retina doc, and I am supposed to see him before the end of next week. It is annoying to say the very least.
I did fairly well, physically on Tuesday, I think it was.. I don't really remember. There was one day this week that I did a lot of walking, and didn't get too winded, so that is good.
I remain as active as possible, but I might want to think of actually sitting down when I am not on the stage, because man, does my back hurt. Everything hurts, but yeah.
Anyway, I think I like the Symlin.
I don't like the way the 2 antibiotics I am on make me feel, but I am dealing with it as best I can.
I am thoroughly exhausted of being a human water balloon.
My self-esteem is the lowest it has been in ages. I wish I could change that.
I have an ultrasound next week, and I am nervous as all get-out about it.
This hematologist... she seems really good, and explains things, which is great... but I still have that little voice inside of my head that reminds me that it was a hematologist who found the tumor on my liver in the first place, and if I am being scanned because it may well not be benign anymore.. well, that's just really scary.
I am trying to stay positive, I really am.
I am just so sick of being sick.

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