Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't tell me that socialization doesn't better my health!

I am a pretty socially-awkward person, as a general rule. I don't always know how to talk to people, which, in some cases, means that I ramble and say too much and therefore weird people out. and in other cases, I don't say enough, and I miss out on things, or make people think that I am either rude, un-approachable, or both. There is very rarely a happy medium in that regard.

That being said, my state of mental health is almost always better when I do things of a social nature, be that participating in community theatre, going to a show, or just hanging out with friends, family, or framily (my friends who are like family, ain't I creative?). My physical health, I think, also benefits from these things.

For example, the edema, still on-going, more than likely led to some weight gain, in addition to the gain from the edema itself. Doing things like the aforementioned activities gets me out, gets me moving. Granted, I get out and get moving when I am on my own too, but I just feel so many times better when I get to have the human interaction.

There is mold in my apartment. It is not visible, and I don't yet know what to do, but I am looking into it. I am fairly certain that whatever is going on here is the reason I am sick. Perhaps not all of it, but I am certain that something here is the main reason that all of this started.

The strain that was found in the petri dish I sent to the lab (at my own expense) is called BIPOLARIS/DRECHSLERA, and while it is not a "black mold" it is seemingly invisible here, but here... all over my apartment, as I placed the petri dish in the middle of the relatively small space. There is a minimal amount of visible mold in the bathroom, which was here when I moved it, and I have cleaned it multiple times and it just keeps coming back. When I first moved in here, the landlord, in passing, said that the previous tenant had moved out after a very short time because he was "allergic to something" and shrugged it off. He said it so casually that I really thought nothing about it. After about 2 months of living here is when this whole fiasco started and my health has been a never-ending downward spiral.

I still have a lot of investigating to do, but I plan on researching this quite a bit and seeing what can be done about it. All the while, I am desperately searching for a new place to be on 3/1/11.


  1. Hey, do you want help looking for a place? I'm really good at just spending lots of time on craigslist and sending you ads that fit your specifications, and if that'd be useful, I'd love to help. Let me know.

  2. Gah, I *just* got this comment notification. Stupid Blogger. I *think* I have a place, but thank you for the offer, and if heaven-forbid, this falls through, I will most definitely let you know! xox