Friday, May 27, 2016

The mystery remains, but still I try...

Here I am again, trying to update this thing. I have been through the wringer so many times over the past several years but just over 2 years ago, I had a fall. A very bad fall. I shattered my left elbow when exiting a cafe. I did not see the step and there was uneven ground/rubble, it was just bad. My elbow was shattered, yes, but I suffered a lot more injuries and nobody looked at them because of the obviousness about the elbow. I had two surgeries on the elbow and now I have a torn rotator cuff and tendinitis in my arm (on the left, at the very least) and am in a lot of pain in many places.

I have also had episodes of random loss of consciousness since September of 2014 (since immediately after the 2nd elbow surgery) and constantly have dizzy spells, headaches, and vertigo. I suffer from chronic coughing and worsened asthmatic type symptoms over the past couple of years too.

I had sinus surgery in March of 2016 and have had a terrible cough, trouble breathing, pain, vertigo, and basically being in debilitating pain/having spins has remained and gotten worse.

I had an MRI with contrast on my head, and do not yet know the results, and am going to have extensive vestibular testing done in the next week. I am a nervous wreck, but still hopeful that I will get some answers and figure out what is going on.

I still suffer from unexplained edema and it is frustrating and painful, but my kidney function has been stable over the past couple of years, thankfully. My A1C spiked slightly after my sinus surgery because I have been fairly homebound due to worsened dizziness, headaches and vertigo symptoms. The headaches have been debilitating. I feel dizzy even while sitting down sometimes, but I am doing all that I can to "get back out there" so to speak, and move around as much as I can, and the A1C has started to come down again (and it is under 8, so that is really good)

I have a lot of trouble getting around via public transit lately because of the dizzy spells.  I have a GoFundMe page that I set up last year when my dear Missy passed away, and it still remains that I need to take my cats to the vet, and I need money for moving, but now I am absolutely desperate for money for transportation and for paying off my bed, which was in fact very much medically necessary for me to get. If I can get it paid off in the next week ($600, to make the $1000 paid in full) then I am done. If not, then I will owe $1600 with the ridiculous interest and such. Its a pretty time sensitive situation. The page is my GoFundMe page and I would appreciate any and all help received!

Thank you. 

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