Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dizzy, my head is spinning- like a whirlpool, it never ends....

...and it really freaking sucks!

Do you know what it is like to be dizzy all of the time? Evenn while you are sitting down or lying down? To filly "twitchy" at very frequent intervals and have no damn clue why, but to be scared out of your mind because you don't know when one of those twitches may send you toppling over onto a third rail, or into a busy intersection or make you drop a sizzling pan, or any such thing?

I do!  I know exactly what that is like, and I have no idea why and it is so scary! I hate it!

I am shaky all of the time. I sometimes seem to the outside world to be fine, but then I will have some sort of coughing attack, occasionally puke from it, and feel like hell. It sucks. It is so scary. I know. I said that. Whatever.

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