Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The stars can't shine without some darkness, right?

Maybe that is why I have always been drawn to the night sky, even though I am scared of the dark- that little glimmer...who knows?

It has been a very tough couple of years, medically speaking. I had sinus surgery in March, which I think I wrote about. The healing process was very slow and painful, and I am honestly not sure if it is over with or not at this point, as I am still having issues. I am doing my best to stay on top of things though.

After all of that, I had an MRI of my brain, with contrast. (This was in May) it shows a few tiny foci of increased T2 signal in the cerebral white matter, and a small retention cyst in the left maxillary sinus, and the bony coating over the left superior semicircular canal appears thin. Great.
This doc also ran tests for syphilis and lyme antibodies- both negative, thank heavens.
He sent me for vestibular testing and I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis/labyrinthitis, and I have to go to see a vestibular physical therapist about once a week to learn exercises to train my brain to not think that I am dizzy/falling all of the time. It is getting a bit better, I think, and my VPT says that I am showing improvement, so that is good. my level of vertigo/headache/stability realy varies day to day, but I do my best, and try to keep up with my exercises at home.

My coughing and ENT weirdness continues, and I remain in debilitating pain, so I get sent for more and more tests. I have been exposed to so much radiation over the past month or two, it is insane. I did have a basic meta done in early October and the results were mostly in range, so that is good. Creatinine SLIGHTLY high, which is to be expected of someone with kidney disease, such as me, but only ever so slight, so actually really good.

I had a full pulmonary function test last week, and it showed that I have mild obstructive ventilatory deficit and mild diffusion defect, which apparently means that I can neither breathe in nor out as much as I should be able to. 

There are many more tests to go over, but I am too tired to type any more right now.
I will try to be better at updating this, but no promises, haha.

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