Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Still no word from the PCP.
Now I am getting shut-off notices from the electric company because he clearly did not send the fax that I practically wrote for him and brought to him several times and confirmed with him, several times, in person, with witnesses, that he has in fact, sent the information to them.
(The information being that I am chronically ill and need my electricity no matter what.)

Last Saturday morning, very early, I got a big black line in my left eye. It then turned into two, and then into two lines of dots. I was alone and scared out of my mind. I wound up having to take a taxi to the appropriate medical facility, and after 4 hours or so of pretty much sitting there and choking on my own tears (literally) I was told that there was a lot of blood and that it is because I am a diabetic. I was told that there was no other possible explanation and that I needed to go home and wait for teh Retina Department to call me on Monday.

Monday rolled around and the phone rang. It was the right place, asking for the wrong person, and stuttering badly while doing so. I explained that she was calling me and not the other person, but that I was expecting a call, and was told that someone would be calling "any second" to schedule my retina appointment. I let over half an hour pass and I called my retina doc's office and found that they knew nothing about Saturday's situation. I was immediately scheduled for an appointment the upcoming Wednesday, which I went to.
I do have bleeding, but they don't like the way the doc in the ED handled it. I do need more laser surgery and that starts tomorrow. We are starting with the right eye to give the left eye some time to do some self-healing. The left eye will be in a couple of weeks.

This whole thing has my nerves at their very end.

I am also swelling more. I have been as active (and more active) as possible in my extremely painful condition, I don't eat much, and yet I still gain weight and it is ALL swelling- it isn't fat. I know fat. I have been fat. I'd have no damn problem if I were fatfat and it was my own doing. THIS IS DIFFERENT. I can NOT MOVE. It hurts. I can't cross my legs. I can't bend my legs up to put my socks on. I have trouble dressing and undressing and doing day to day things. My life is being severely altered and nobody seems to care to want to find out what the hell is going on.

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