Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I had the laser done to the right eye last week. I go in in a little over a week for the left eye. Right now I still have spots on the left eye and honestly can't tell if I have new bleeding or if the spots/blurring I have now is still from a couple of weeks ago. It is really quite frustrating. Scary too.

I spoke to the PCP today and he actually screamed at me. Mind you, I was not even accusing him of anything. Despite the fact that the fact that he did not do what he confirmed three times that he did do is HIS FAULT, I was not placing any blame or making any accuastions, I simply said that there must have been some lines crossed with the electric company because they don't have the letter so could be please send it again. Now, had he done it in the first place, he would have just had it to re-send. He didn't. I gave him all of the info again. He screamed at me that my electricity is not his problem, which it isn't, but keeping it on he can help with and I really don't see the gig deal. It is one sentence- literally, that they need from him. I pay my bills, like clockwork for the most part. I have been slightly lax with the electric because of extra medical junk going on BECAUSE I could get the protection. He claims that it isn't his problem. Well, if he can prevent it and he doesn't, and I wind up an asthmatic who can't plug in her nebulizer which runs on electricity, or cook food on her electric stove, or heat/ventilate her bathroom, or refrigerate her insulins... you see what I am getting at here?

Anyway, so moving on, I have swollen up even more. I am very nearly 260lbs now, despite the fact that I have been pushing and pushing and pushing myself all of the time. I walk as much as I can, and thensome. I don't eat all that much. I just don't get it.

I am in so much pain. My legs are getting worse, I not only can't nend them, but I can't extend them fully either. I wake up with my face swollen- moonface. My toes are so swollen that they have their own rolls over themselves and cut off their own circulation, as crazy as that sounds. It is not fair. I can't ned down to scratch. There is so much that I can't do.

I am scared.

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