Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brief update

I never heard back about the MRSA swab, so I can only assume that either it wasn't MRSA, or the blood that they swabbed did not have anything in it (they weren't able to get any of the pus type stuff out of the mess on my back/neck/shoulders).
I have finished the Clindamycin and some of the rash does seem to have gone away, so that is good.
I saw the endocrinologist and she seems very nice.
She lowered my dose of Lantus by 10 untits and put me on plain Humalog as opposed to the 75/25 mix, and I am now taking that a few times a day. (with meals)
I have lost between 7-10lbs on the Lasix so far, so here's hoping that it continues to work...
I did see my old new PCP on Monday, so that was good, despite there being a crazy crowd at the office. She said that the bloodwork the endo took showed that my vitamin D was low, so she prescribed vitamin D, and she re-tested the Potassium level because Lasix can make thise levels low and I'd only just begun when I saw the endo. We shall see.
I am still swollen, still in pain, but I am still plugging along hoping, and searching for answers.

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