Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Floating away... if only...

So I swelled up some more, and it got so brutally painful.
The skin problem spead and worsened and became unbearable and I could barely even sit in a normal chair, let alone get up and down like a "normal person".
We'd gone to a show earlier in the day, and as I sat down in the seat, my calves brushed against the front of the seat and folded over themselves, in a sense, and just... I don't even know how to describe it, but it hurt like hell and for quite a long time.
I was much worse when we got back to my place and finally I gave in and said that I needed to go to the hospital.
They did seem to listen more than in the past, I will give them that. They also admitted that they could see and feel the fluid in me.
They took a urine sample and a chest x-ray. Taking blood was quite a fiasco. I was stuck 2 or 3 times in my left arm and they couldn't get anything. Same with the right. So they came back after my x-ray and went for the artery in my right wrist... fun, yes? Ugh. They tried a few times there and wriggled the thing about a bit while I was told to NOT MOVE WHATEVER YOU DO!!! and still nothing. Yes, I am that damn swollen. Then they tried the artery in the left wrist, and finally, after wriggling about and taking around 15 minutes or so for 3 vials of blood, they were done with it.
Nothing really came of it.
The doctor did try to swab the nastiness on my neck/back for MRSA. There was no pus or anything at this point, but he lanced one and is culturing the blood. That can take a couple of days, I am told.
I was given a prescription for Lasix (40mg) and Clindamicin (antibiotic) and sent home. What I don't understand is why they gave me only 15 days worth of Lasix and why they are using the same dosage which has proven useless in the past. Oh, and I also don't get why they didn't give me any while I was there... do they EXPECT me to live near a 24 hour phanrmacy?!

This morning, my old PCP called. (I had left her a voice mail last week after the new one screamed at me) I have an appointment with her on Monday morning, so here's hoping I can get there. (I left initially because I moved a fair distance from her office, but now that I can't walk the mile to my new, local, abusive PCP's office due to mobility deteriorating, I guess its kind of moot now, isn't it?) Here's hoping things get a bit more organized.

Tomorrow I see an endocrinologist for the first time in many, may years.
Thursday, more lasers.

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