Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, my primary care doc DID call me back, and she said that she wanted my kidney doc to deal with the Bumex issue since she put me on it and would know more about it. I had to call the kidney doc's office 3 times and finally got a call from the doc at about 6pm on Tuesday evening.
Her take on the matter is that there was no way it was the Bumex causing these issues (which seemed to be of no concern to her WHATSOEVER) and she recommended doubling the dose of the Bumex.
Against my better judgment, I did, and things are pretty much the same.
I am in a lot of pain.
My legs (shins/calves/ankles) have been buckling something fierce and causing extreme pain. I have been a bit dizzy fairly frequently.
Despite being told that my potassium levels are fine, the dizziness tends to subside if I eat a banana. I don't know what to think.
I have been pushing and pushing myself to walk/get exercise daily. I tend to walk at least a mile a day. It HURTS. I feel like I will die with every step. I feel like I could fall down at any given moment and not be able to get up. It is so scary.
I am really lost. I wish it would stop.

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