Friday, March 26, 2010

So let's see...

Last week, I had a kidney doc appointment. I got seen 2 hours after my appointment time, and only for about 15 minutes, most of which was spent with the doc typing. I left to go to the blood lab and wound up having to sit down for a while and eat a liquid lollipop because my blood sugar had taken a nose dive. Got blood work done, and left.

On Thursday, I had an endocrine appointment. got praised for doing well and having my A1C drop several points. I have a ways to go, but am back in the single digits, which is good. More blood work.

Friday I went to New York City for a show and spent the night wandering around. I was walking almost the entire time between 12:20am and 8am, with the exception of about an hour or two total. I mapped it out a bit and estimate that I walked just less than a marathon. When I got back to Boston, I threw up blood at the train station and was rushed to the hospital, where I was treated like absolute shit. I was discharged with Ranitadine, Protonix, and Zofran(?) which was not covered by insurance and cost about $70. Eep. I spent the next couple of days pretty much unable to move, and had another swelling episode. I stopped the Protonix, as that had made me gain weight in the past... I am still swollen though, and in a lot of pain.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment, and then I went to visit a friend of mine. I was fine, albeit a bit tired, and then all of a sudden I had a massive stabbing pain in the lower left side of my stomach and I could barely move. I felt like I had to pee, so I went into the bathroom. Nothing. Here I am, the girl on 2 diuretics, unable to pee. This is not good. My friend insisted on calling an ambulance. They came, they carried me down most of the stairs, and then they dropped me. No, I am not joking. They picked me back up, and got me into the ambulance and took me to yet another hospital. Luckily, this one treated me like a human being. It was almost freaky. They did a bunch of tests. It was scary, not gonna lie about that. It was also very odd that they wanted me to umm... put the thing in for the pelvic ultrasound BY MYSELF, but yeah, that wasn't about to happen, as the way I am swollen I certainly couldn't bend at the angle they had me at, and also, hello... abdominal pain!?!?!? They did an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, a regular pelvic exam, and an abdominal CT. They said that I had blood in my urine, a cyst on my right ovary, and a small kidney stone, as well as probably ligament strain.

They gave me a prescription for oxycodone and discharged me. I still haven't filled the prescription because I can't get to the pharmacy. I haven't eaten since the very small amount I had at about 7am on Thursday. I've got nothing to eat or drink in the house, so basically, I am screwed.

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