Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well then...

So I had some pretty positive stuff to write, and then my world blew up.
I will still come back and write more, but right now, my 3rd dose of morphine is wearing off and I need to go try to pass out before I feel the loss.
I have had so many medical emergencies in the past week, my head is spinnning.
Threw up blood on Saturday in a train station, went to hospital via ambulance, was brutally mistreated and discharged, with medicine that has swelled me up in the past.
Swelled up 10+lbs on Sunday/Monday.
Wednesday night, I got a sharp, sudden pain, which wouldn't go away, on my lower left abdomen. Was taken to hospital via ambulance from my friend's house.
Cyst on right ovary, kidney stone, and "probable ligament strain"...
So yeah, I don't have the strength to do much right now, but will write more when i am able.

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