Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So let's see... I don't even know where to begin, but then, what else is new, right?

On the 8th, I went to the ER at the eye doctor's, and they confirmed that I have new bleeding in the left eye. They also confirmed that my sore throat was somehow related to the near-fall I took during the Sunday matinee of my show. o.O

I was told to see my retina doc ASAP. That day was today, but we'll get back to that in a bit.

I went to a neurology appointment which was scheduled without my knowledge a while ago, and was prescribed Neurontin for insomnia. Neurontin is NOT an insomnia medicine, but I figured "why not?" since it is for nerve pain, which I have, and should help me sleep.

I was given the script and told to move from 1-3 pills per night. I started at 1 pill, and I felt like crap, but I really thought that I just felt like crap because I was run down from the show, so I didn't think much of it. That is, until I tool TWO pills. I took 2 at about 10:30/11pm on Monday night. I went to bed shortly thereafter, but didn't get to sleep til 5am, then barely slept, but remained awake, shaking, and in pain til I was finally able to get myself out of bed at about 2:30pm. I almost fell on my face. Then, I almost fell on my face. After that, I almost fell on my face. I tested my blood sugar: 99. Okay, not the diabetes. I drank coconut milk and ate a banana. Still dizzy, not the potassium level.

I called the neurologist's office, and a page was put in to him as a "Priority One" and I was to receive a call back "within the hour". This was at 4:50pm. At 7pm, my mother arrived to take me to the ER at the hospital that this neuro practices at. I also mentioned the fact that I have had a headache non-stop for about a month, in case that has anything to do with it. I was triaged and taken back fairly quickly, where they immediately started trying to get blood and get an IV-line in. They of course found out that I am a hard stick, and wound up having to use ULTRASOUND to find a vein... and had trouble even with that.

Anyway, labs were pretty good, save for some "slight dehydration" which surprised me since I drink a lot, but they said that it was probably just due to the fact that I am on 2 water pills. They gave me fluids by IV, did a head CT, which came back normal, and then they gave me Tramadol orally and Compazine via the IV.

The neurology people were a bit surprised when I told them about the Neurontin. They all but called teh doc who prescribed it nutso. They suggested trying Cymbalta daily and Ultram when needed. I need to read up on these things. We shall see. They ER folks said that I need to follow up with neuro within 2 weeks.

So, I went to the retina doc today, and they say that some of the new bleeding has resolved on its own, but that I should come in for some laser surgeries withing the next couple of weeks. I need one tyoe to help with the bleeding, and one type to help with some post-op stuff that has developed behind the artificial lens. Wheeeee.

While I was waiting to leave the eye appointment, I figured I would call the neurology department to book this appointment that I need to have within 2 weeks.
The conversation went something like this:
THEM: Hi, thanks for calling neurology, please hold while we play you some crappy music and pretend that someone on this end is actually doing something.
ME: waits
THEM: Thanks for holding, your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold.
ME: waits
(this continues for 7 minutes)
THEM: Neurolohymumblemumbleblahblahrgh?
ME: Hello?
THEM: Can I HELP you?
Me: Yes, this is me, I am a patient of Doctorguy, and was in the ER last night and they told me I need to see Doctorguy within 2 weeks, I'd like to make an appointment.
THEM: Hang on.
ME: waits for 3 minutes or so
THEM: Can I help you?
ME: repeats the above
THEM: Social or medical record number.
ME: gives MRN
THEM: Hold on
ME: waits a few more minutes
THEM: Who I'm speakin' wif?
ME: This... is me.
THEM: That patient already has an appointment with Doctorguy.
ME: Right... *I* have an appointment scheduled for February, but the ER said I need to have an appointment within two weeks.
THEM: Hold on.
ME: waits again
THEM: Can I help you?
ME: This is me, I am a patient of Doctoryguy and was in the ER last night and they said I need to come in WITHIN TWO WEEKS. I don't see why this is such a hard concept to grasp.
THEM: We can give you an appointment on January 17th.
ME: I. Need. An. Appointment. Within. Two. Weeks. Are. You. Smoking. Crack?
THEM: January 17th is the soonest we can give you unless you want December 16th.
ME: Well, I don't know what calendar YOU use, but for me, December 16th is closer t o 2 weeks from now than January 17th is, but I wanted one within 2 weeks.
THEM: We're booking into January.
ME: The ER said I need to be seen within 2 weeks, and YOU just said you have a date in December.
THEM: Right.
ME: (who's on first?) Just give me the December date since you aren't even trying to brain today.
THEM: Okay.
ME: It's all set then, for that date?
THEM: Bye.
ME: I asked you a question.
THEM: What.
ME: Am I all set for that day or do you need any further info?
THEM: Yeah.

Clearly, I need a new neuro. The one and only appointment I had with him, I was taken in 2.5 hours late for, then his office gave me the royal run-around, then he did not answer a PRIORITY ONE page until 5:50pm, which was more than 24 hours after said page went out.

Yeah... he answered. He called at 5:50pm. He didn't sound the least bit concerned, and there was no hint of any sort of apology for the lateness of his reply.

You know what he DID do though? He said "So, did I poison you?"


"So, did I poison you?" Yes, you read that correctly.

Yes, I need a new neurologist, right away.


  1. o.O

    1) Get new neuro.

    2) Quote that response to his boss. (either the head of his department or the certifying board)

    3) Think twice before Cymbalta. Think twice again. It's a pure hell to get off of--and it is really unforgiving--miss your next dose and you have "discontinuation" effects within an hour. By the grace of God, the person I asked for a second opinion (1st opinion: "just take 2 this week, 1 next week, and stop") was Joe Glenmullen, the guy who wrote "Prozac Backlash." I ended up taking the capsules apart and counting out the teeny balls-----AND I STILL GET OCCASIONAL BRAIN ZAPS AFTER 6 YEARS.