Sunday, December 26, 2010

Long day, Wednesday was!

On Wednesday, I went to the retina doc's office for a follow-up to the surgery I had on my left eye last Thursday. I was told that things look as they should. (Mind, this doesn't mean that I can see any better just yet, but that there is no more blood and the hole they needed to cut was done so successfully.)

From there, I scurried to another hospital, where I was to meet the guy who took over the role of "PCP" in July, but whom I had never met. I had a brief wait, but nothing too bad. I met him, and was pretty shocked to find that he'd actually read my chart and therefore actually knew about my case. He was very nice, and I think that my former PCP made a good call in suggesting him when she left that hospital. We shall see. I am optimistic. The nurse in the office couldn't get a vein for a blood draw, so I had to go to the lab, which was a longer wait, but what can you do, right?

After that, I had 4 hours until I was supposed to go in for the MRI on my foot, which they so KINDLY called me on Tuesday evening to tell me that I was scheduled for 9:15pm on Wednesday. Ugh. I went from the blood lab, to the MRI department and explained that I was 4 hours early, but if there was any way to squeeze me in, that would be great, since I couldn't go home and come back due to the 2+hour commute via public transit each way. They said they would see what they could do, and actually took me in relatively quickly. It was a long procedure, and getting the IV in for contrast (which I was not told I would be getting) was a challenge, but they finally got it, and I was out of the hospital by about 7:30pm.

The foot doctor's office left me a voicemail at the crack of dawn on Thursday, asking if I could come in on Monday, instead of January 6th. but they didn't leave a time. I called back and left a message, saying "Sure, but you didn't tell me what time. It takes me 2+ h ours to get there, so I need at least 4 hours notice, please call me back." I called twice on Thursday, and once on Friday. On Friday, the lady had changed her message to "We are closed for the holiday. We re-open on Monday." I left her a message saying "Well, if you changed your greeting, you have clearly checked your messages and know that you didn't tell me what time to be there, and I still need to know, if it is going to happen." and now, we are having a blizzard, so I certainly won't be busting my ass to get there at any point. What a pain.

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