Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's been a long week.

Thursday, I had my pre-surgery testing and physical and then I had the Avastin injection. That was NOT fun. I have had them before, but my left eye has been SO bad lately, it just hurt so much. I asked for Tylenol before I left.
I got an "air bubble" when I stood up, which I guess is fairly common, but no less annoying than you'd think. It basically looked like I had a black spot half the size of my eye.. in my eye, whether it was opened or closed. It seems to have finally broken up a little... just in time for them to slice it open on Tuesday. Ugh.
On Friday, I was up at 4:30am to go to a very early morning radio thing that I won my way into. After that, I came home, ordered a birthday present for a friend of mine, and did some work around the house and crashed for a while before heading to my birthday non-party thingy. Got to see a few friends I haven't seen in ages. That was fun. I do have to be careful with fruity drinks though. It is much harder to keep track when you can't taste the alcohol and you aren't paying. Ha! I had a good night though.
Saturday, I had rehearsal in the afternoon and then went to a house concert at a friend's place. It was amazing, and I think I left somewhere around 1:30am.
It is after 8am now, and I haven't slept... and some friends are picking me up on about an hour to go to some thing out of state.
Not really sure what to expect, but I am just trying to get as much fun/socialization in as possible before the surgery.

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