Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So my gyn said that he was at a loss. He said that the ultrasound was clear, but that my white count was elevated. He said to call my PCP, because he doesn't think its anything on the gyn end of things, but to keep him posted.
I called my PCP, and was supposed to go in to give a urine specimen on Saturday, but didn't realize that they closed at 11:30am, so I didn't get to. (This was to test for resistance to Cipro.)

Saturday and Sunday I woke up with pain in my surgical eye worse than it had been. On Saturday it got better (sort of) after a while, so on Sunday I tried to ignore the pain, and went to an audition. I went right from the audition to the ER at the place I had my surgery.
The (seemingly new, young) doctor applied fluroscein to my eyes, not realizing I am allergic to it (even though we went over my allergies twice..) and I had a reaction. I was treated with Benedryl and am fine, but they wouldn't let me leave on my own, so I had to call for a ride. (Oh, and the diagnosis was that I scratched my cornea. I guess not having an ointment to apply makes the eye dry out at night and it tore just from opening my eye.) Erythromycin(sp?) ointment was prescribed, as well as instructions to see the retina doc in 2 weeks, and continue the tapering of the Tobramycin(sp?).

Today, I had an appointment in the hematology/oncology department.
My white count is still up (finished with the cipro).
Something is "off" with my liver, which made the doc order an ultrasound of my kidneys, liver, and spline, which will be done in a couple of weeks. I might need an MRI or a biopsy.
I don't have leukemia, or any of teh major blood disorders that they tested for, so that's good...

I went over to the PCP's for the urine test, and then left and was wandering around, looked at books in town, got a coffee, wandered some more, and was about to head to my rehearsal when I collapsed. I was taken via ambulance to the hospital. EKG good, bloodsugar great, they did a pelvic exam since I still have the pain in the lower left quadrant. They gave me IV fluids for dehydration, and discharged me.

While I was waiting for the bus, a drunk guy came flying out of nowhere and slammed into the bus shelter and then fell on my feet. I think I jumped out of my skin. He got up, so I moved away and didn't do anything, since he was conscious and moving around and all.

Now I am home, exhausted, and hoping to catch up on some sleep during the day on Wednesday. I may try sleeping without the patch tonight. I haven't decided yet.

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