Thursday, December 1, 2011

I guess I never finished that already-long entry a while back...

I probably won't really be able to finish it now either, but let us see...
I had my stomach emptying test and my endoscopy.
I do have gastroparesis and ulcers and some other stuff that they weren't able to see in the endoscopy because we hadn't gotten results on the emptying test yet when I had the endoscopy, and even though I hadn't eaten in about 18 hours, I still had stuff in my stomach. Freaky.

I was doing relatively okay for a while... going to physical therapy for my right foot, going to rehearsals, walking a lot... I was being pretty dang active, actually.

Last Saturday, I woke up so nauseated. I threw up several times and I got really dizzy (thankfully, I was home.. though, alone) and wound up calling someone for a ride to the hospital. I should probably also mention that I have ballooned up about 15lbs in a week, even though I was active and not eating a lot (and eating pretty healthy things, mostly)
I was there from about noon to 11:30pm or so. They gave me IV fluids, 2 litres, I believe, yet they thought nothing of the fact that I didn't desperately have to go to the bathroom. They also didn't acknowledge when I told them that there has been a colour and odor change when I go to the bathroom (urine and feces) which... I don't know if it is important or not, but it freaks me out, for sure.

They did an abdominal ultrasound and they mentioned gallstones, but no need for surgery at the moment. Then they made me drink a contrast, which they said could mess up my kidneys even more, but that they needed it for a CT scan that they MIGHT do... then they did the CT scan and told me I have ileitis and Chron's disease and they gave me prescriptions for heavy antibiotics and sent me home. Thank God I had some friends willing to pick me up, as I was still crazy dizzy and nauseated.

I've been on Cipro and Flagyl since Saturday and nothing really has changed. Well, I haven't been eating, because I've been puking everything up. Until Wednesday, my diet was water, grape juice, and tea. Wednesday, a friend brought Ensure to rehearsal for me, so I have that, and I still have some for if I need more. I did have a turkey burger and a few fries on Thursday, then I had some risotto when I got home. So far, no more puking.

I went to physical therapy today and my PT agreed that I am WAY more swollen and said I need to get checked IMMEDIATELY. I'd spoken to the renal clinic just before, and they told me to come over for paperwork to get blood drawn, so I did that after PT and now I play the waiting game. My stomach is still in a lot of pain. I am getting a lot of leg cramps. My urine output seems less. I am getting headaches and my balance is way off.

I just hope someone can get me some answers and I can get back on the road to feeling better.


  1. Hey, I just came across your blog yesterday and I'm still working hard to try and catch up on old entries, but I wanted to ask whether you'd been tested for Celiac's disease yet? It can only be confirmed with a colonoscopy (or occasionally a blood test, but those can give false negatives) - anyway, it's the kind of thing that tends to lead to a whole bunch of mystery ailments that can be pretty serious. Worth looking into if you haven't already. If you're positive, it involves cutting gluten COMPLETELY out of the diet, like even a trace amount can completely mess up your health, and the health problems related to Celiac's start going away. Good luck, and I hope you figure out the solution to what's going on soon!

  2. Thank you. I am actually having a colonoscopy this week. I hope I can get some answers. I am sick of not eating/being sick/being dizzy, etc.