Monday, December 19, 2011

Sick of being sick.

I am having so much trouble moving... physically and in the finding a place to live sense.
Last night, I went to a show with some friends and on the way in, I sprained my right ankle (the one I am in PT for to begin with- and the sprain was diagnosed by my physical therapist today) and about halfway through the show I got so nauseated and dizzy and I felt like something was stabbing me in the lower left side of my stomach. (the stabbing pain also happened Sunday morning while I was at church with some friends)
Today, I ate a small, plain-ish sandwich and felt horrible.
Tonight, I am attempting some chicken and angel hair... and that will be my last meal for a while, as I have to start prepping for Wednesday's colonoscopy, which will be done under full anesthesia.
I am in so much pain.
I don't know what to do.
I have very little time in which I will have a roof over my head too... I am searching every day and getting nowhere. No matter what, it is going to cost money that I don't have. If I wind up on the street, I will die. I can't lose my kitties. I am so scared.
I really can't even express it properly.
I am forever grateful to the people who are trying to help me, in every sense of the word.
Thank you.
If you can help, financially, you can send donations via Paypal to or use the "donate" button in my previous post.

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