Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home again

I spent an entire week in the hospital.
It was not fun. I lost 12 pounds, all told (of fluid, I am sure) and hope I can keep some of it off and continue to lose, but we shall see.
I should NOT have been discharged, and in fact, they discharged me when I was not fully breathing un-assisted. My O2 is still not 100%.
They got sick of me asking for someone to look at my eyes, and discharged me so that I could see my retina doc yesterday, which I did.
He said that he wants to wait a bit and see if any of this resolves on its own, but we have exhausted the lasers and they won't benefit me any more. The next step would be a vitrectomy on my left eye. I hope we don't have to do that.
A visiting nurse came yesterday, O2 wasn't great.
A physical therapy person came today and we did nothing physical at all... she'll be back next week, I guess. Another nurse is coming tomorrow.
Right now, I have no energy whatsoever, so I am going to try to rest more so I can heal.

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