Friday, March 20, 2009

I am so confused.

As previously noted, the allergist had his secretary call to cancel my appointment for today, even though I bent over backwards to make sure he had everything he "needs" after he threw me out without running the tests LAST WEEK when he was supposed to do them.

I showed up today and simply greeted the secretary politely and quietly and said that I wanted all of the records that I had brought in returned to me right then and there, and also the records of the tests he had done, since he had outright refused to tell me the results when they came in while I was in the office a week ago. (He actually claimed that they were not there, but I know that they were because my PCP said they were and teh secretary told me that those were what she brought in while I was in there.)

She said that she was told that all of the results were "normal" (mind you, I had to wait for these records to be faxed over because supposedly when they arrive (even though I had requested them the week before- copies for myself, that is) the doctor scans them into a computer and shreds the paper. Okay, except why didn't he just mail me the paper copy since I wanted them anyway?

Anyway, the results show a few flags for abnormality:
White Blood Count 11.1 Normal is 4.0-11.0 so that is not TOO bad and is certainly lower than I have been... but it is still flagged.
MPV is flagged because it is 12.2 and normal is 9.6-12.0, Carbon Dioxide is 32, normal is 20-31.
Total Bilirubin is 0.2 and normal is 0.3-1.2

Three things that stand out as BIG TIME NOT NORMAL are:
1~ Complement 3, Serum- 169- normal is 79-152
2~ My sedimentation rate is 47, and normal is 0-20.
3~ Anti Nuclear Antibody test was POSITIVE.
These are all a pretty big deal, from what I gather, and not only was I not contacted with the information, I was outright lied to in being told it was not there AND I was refused treatment due to a lack of paperwork that had nothing to do with the tests that (still) need to be done.

Now, moving on to the kidney doctor, I went on March 11th for an appointment, and the doctor said to come off of the Bumex. She said (in front of my mother) that if I was on diuretics that I "would wind up on dialysis and die" so I need to stop immediately. I'd already taken the Bumex for the day, so I stopped the next day. She also said that she wants me to see a colleague of hers at a major hospital and that it is urgent that I do so, but that I need to get some testing done, so she took blood and urine tests and said to come back in a week.

My WBC was 11.3- normal according to this one is 10.3- either way, still high.
Osmolality urine listed at 362 with normal being 500-800.

Now, she didn't mention anything about this to me, she just handed me my results after a very brief appointment in which she poked my ankles a little (without taking off my shoes or socks) and noted that it put me in agony, she noted that I gained weight and swelling while off the diuretic and suggested I go back on one, to which my boyfriend replied "but won't she wind up on dialysis and die from that?" and she said "Well that is why I really don't want her on them.."
but she just said she did... but now she doesn't... but she does... but she won't give me a prescription, and so I remain on nothing.

She had her secretary give me the number for her colleague and I called to try to make an appointment and was told that I couldn't have an appointment til May. I explained that my doctor considered this urgent due to the extremity of the situation and I really couldn't wait that long and that I have records and such and was not even allowed to take the May appointment as a holding spot for just in case, I was told to have the records faxed. I called my nephrologists' office and told them what was going on, I was told that they would call over and get things straightened out and call me back, but of course, I did not get a call and now it is 9pm on a Friday and I will have to wait til Monday.

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