Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So my phone rang at around 11:15 this morning.
It was the secretary from the allergist's office, calling to let me know that I can start taking the Zyrtec again (which I stopped again yesterday so that I could get the "scratch test" on Friday) because they don't have the records from my hospital stay in January (which was referred to as an "ER visit") which my boyfriend and I went to my PCP's office to pick up yesterday, as we were instructed on Friday after we got every single other record over from office-to-office when they should not have been needed any way....because they won't do the test without the record.
Now, when we went to pick up the records yesterday, we were told that they were not ready but were being faxed YESTERDAY, DEFINITELY because my PCP is apparently out of town for 10 days now.
Now they say that they can't do the test without the records from that "ER visit" (yet they are supposed to be testing me to see what, if anything, I am allergic to, so really they should be able to do that even if he was the first doc I'd ever been to...)

I immediately called my PCP's office, since the allergist's secretary did tell me that the allergist and my PCP had JUST spoken to one another and I was told he was out...so I asked if he was on call, and he was, but they refused to take a message, so I will call and try to get him paged for an "emergency" tomorrow when they have forgotten my voice. I need to find out what is wrong.

I will still show up for my now-canceled appointment though. I will show up and I will demand my records, because that bitch allergist still hasn't told me my results and I have a right to them and I will take them somewhere else to have them deciphered.

I am weighing in at nearly 250lbs now and I can barely move. Getting around is getting harder and harder by the day, so I really need to stop being jerked around and find some answers.

It really shouldn't be my job to be doing all of this work.

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