Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yo-yo-ing again.

It seems to be the favourite game of the medical profession.
To use me as a yo yo and not give me any answers at all.

I had laser eye surgery on my left eye on Wednesday. They gave me percocet before the procedure this time to lessen the pain during the procedure, and the doctor did not wipe out the gel from my eye afterward to avoid me getting another corneal abrasion. I was also given a prescription for Acular just as a precautionary measure. I should be getting a phone call from the office about setting up one more surgery for the right eye, and then I will have to have an office visit because he is not sure if they will be able to treat 100% of the vessels due to the fact that I have cataratcs. I've had cataracts for over 10 years, mind you, and they do not affect my vision, according to the doctor, but it affects the laser's ability to get to the blood vessels, I guess, and I am assuming that is what has to be disgussed.

On Thursday, I had a regular gyn appointment and my doctor was shocked at my weight gain and inability to move and at the brief synopsis of what I have been through. He said when I was there 3 times ago, I was 170lbs, when I was there in October, I was 212 (this was when this was all starting to get really, really bad- it started on May 9th, 2008 to be precise) and he had me logged as 245lbs for that day, but that was being generous. I am more like 250lbs and it is scary as all get out. He did his exam and then told me that I should go to the urgent care walk-in because they would be able to send me to someone who could help, or at least point me in the right direction. Sadly, after waiting through registration, and then waiting again to be traiged and such, I was told to "go to the ER" even though I explained that I have in fact BEEn to the ER many times and I am always told that I need to leave because I "won't die today". Well excuse me if I'd like to get this taken care of BEFORE I get to the point of being at the day where I AM there because I am about to die...

I went home. Nothing more I can do. I have a nephrology appointment with an "associate"of the "colleague" of the nephrologist I saw a couple of weeks ago who wanted me to get the "second opinion" tomorrow morning. I don't know what to expect, but I hope for the best.

I also have an appointment with my PCP on Tuesday. I don't expect much from that at all. Here's hoping though.

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